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So, I hate Chase Bank.

I got hit with an insufficient funds fee. Two of them, actually. AGAIN. And wasn't alerted to it via text message, like I have it set up. AGAIN.

This is the fifth time in five months that Chase has hit me with an insufficient funds fee WITHOUT letting me know my account was overdrawn in the first place. And, AND! They've let it go way out of hand before, too. This time, it's $130, enabled by an electric bill I don't owe (how can I possibly owe money on the electricity for an apartment I not only wasn't living in, but also wasn't using electricity in, for this month?! HOW, IPL?!) and will absolutely be calling IPL about. Seriously. I moved out of my apartment on November 30th. In October, I set my cut-off date as December 15th. HOW can I possibly owe IPL anything apart from the balance from my "budget" plan (read: "I'm broke af plan")?

Not to mention, Chase has some shady as fuck history with misusing clients' funds. Including backing Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme, for which their CEO was fined $2 billion in lieu of prosecutors bringing criminal charges (but considering Chase is the largest bank in the US, I doubt $2 billion hurt them; plus, I'm sure they bought that judgment to begin with), and their $13 billion bribe to the US government (for what, I don't know; if you know, tell me).

And hoo-fucking-ray, Christmas is coming. Good thing I only needed to buy gifts for my niece, and that I got them taken care of last week.

I fucking hate Chase Bank. Fortunately, I have a savings account with Ally, so I just (literally, about 15 minutes ago) set up a checking account with them. I have been looking high and low for a way out of Chase for about six years, and got stopped by the stupidest things: The price of a new debit card. The price of new checks. The hassle of changing the account number for direct deposit. Well, now Chase has finally pushed me to the "fuck-it" point: I don't care anymore about spending money for a new debit card and new checks. Fortunately, Ally offers both free. (It's probably one book of checks, but whatever; I'm not renting anymore, which is basically all I was using my checks for anyway.)

Sayonara, Chase; it hasn't been a pleasure.


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Dec. 22nd, 2015 01:27 pm (UTC)
Oh yuck, what a shit thing to have happen at this time of year, doubly so since it's a bill you don't owe. Blah! I hope this gets sorted out quickly and get your funds back.

I've been banking with Wells Fargo for a long time and they're pretty good about keeping me up to date with what's going on in my account. They even called me this week due to the holidays to ask if I wanted them to double check my debits to make sure everything was on the up and up. I recommend them.
Dec. 31st, 2015 02:41 pm (UTC)
I did end up getting the overdraft charges back (the person I spoke to said a lot of Chase customers aren't getting overdraft notifications, so they're refunding with no questions asked, which... Strikes me as a bit suspect, honestly), but IPL claimed they're charging me in arrears and refused to refund anything. So my parents loaned me some money until I got paid last Thursday.

All I can say about that is, I hope I've got a credit coming to me from IPL. I was told my actual bill for November was $57, and I was paying $67 a month on the "budget" plan. I kind of doubt I do, though, because of how hot it's been this year. I don't think I stopped running the A/C from May until the day I moved out.
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