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Life, the Universe, and Everything

This happened last Friday:

And on Monday, once the swelling and redness were gone:

These were my inspiration:

And this was my original sketch (I'm so, so happy I decided to replace the "A" with the Deathly Hallows symbol):

(I can has art talent? No? OK then. //sadface//)

It's all of my favorite/most important things: An Alan Rickman memorial, my lifelong devotion to Harry Potter, and my burning desire to get pancreatic cancer to not be the third-leading cause of cancer death in the developed world.

The purple ribbon also stands for ADHD, epilepsy, domestic violence, and child abuse awareness, plus pancreatic cancer, as I found out while researching it. It's basically everything I could ever want in a ribbon.

I know, radio silence on this end. The last few months have absolutely whipped me. I went from a great, high-paying gig with Google (demo'ing virtual field trip technology in schools, which oh my god, I LUHHHHHHVED that job!; I just really didn't like the wear and tear it was putting on my still-not-paid-off car, so I declined another wave and instead wrote up some reports and training brochures I thought would be super-helpful, which also could put me in higher standing for a permanent, NYC-based job, //squee!//) to a horrible, low-paying one with the Indiana State Police (on paper, I'm an admin assistant; in reality, I'm Milton Waddams, and I think they actually *did* fire me two weeks ago and forgot to tell me). Depression, manageable but I really wish I could get my Healthy Indiana Plan paperwork filed sooner, because I really can't function well without my meds. And I'm still horribly sad over Alan Rickman's death, way more than I should be. It's not that I don't think I'm handling it well, I think I am, I'm just... Not okay. He was a huge part of my life for fourteen years, and I will always feel like I should have thanked him for what he did for me (long story, it's actually up at Wattpad, if anyone wants the link) and in spite of having had two opportunities -when I saw Creditors in 2010 and when my best friend and I saw Seminar in 2012- I didn't. I think I have less grief over this than just a huge, horrible, triple-whammy Catholic/Jewish/Pentecostal upbringing guilt over it.

But to end on a happy note, I have a vague scene in mind for the next chapter of my Snily fic! That's a good sign for me; most of the scenes I write are fuzzy and vague until I get them on paper, when I can really hammer out the details. After almost six months of having no creative spark whatsoever, I'll take it.



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