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Was ist das? you ask. This is "Five Songs Friday," something that kinda-sorta took off on Prosebox. I say "kinda-sorta", because it eventually became "Five Songs Whenever" and not restricted to Fridays. But the idea is the same: You post songs that correlate to a theme.

Today, my theme is... Well, look at the title. I can sing a bit, and I can bang out a rhythm on a drum kit, but I doubt any band wants me. However, if I were in a band, these are the five songs I'd insist we cover.

Answer for question 4566.

What is your favorite physical activity, either specifically for exercise purposes or just for fun? What do you like the most about it? What's one new sport or activity you'd like to get into but haven't yet?
In terms of exercise, I'm rather fond of the elliptical. Like a treadmill, but not as hard on the knees and doesn't make my boobs try to punch my chin.

As for an activity I'd like to try, I'm super curious about pole dancing for fitness.


I'm in the process of moving back in with my parents (because I've been out of work since August and my savings account looks like the world's saddest piece of empty Tupperware), and I've got about $14 to spend on food until Thursday. While trying to figure out what I can eat that isn't fast food or requires cooking, I started packing up my kitchen stuff, and stumbled across a canister of coffee I'd bought at Trader Joe's back in March.

I'd thought I was out of coffee, and on my current budget, another pound is a little out of the question. Which is bad news for a lot of people, because coffee is what has so far kept me out of prison, or at least some kind of secure mental hospital.

Plus, I thought, this coffee is the better part of a year old, and I didn't recall liking it all that much to begin with. Something about how it was bitter and acidic and gave me heartburn so bad I thought my throat was melting. Which is a feat: I never have heartburn, even after eating super-spicy food.

I was all set to throw it away when another part of my brain -no doubt slapped into action by the smell of the grounds and the kind of recklessness that comes from four months of brain-shrinking boredom- kicked up and said:

You idiot, don't throw that away! Caffeine is an appetite suppressant!

As a mark of how bored/desperate/stupid my current situation has made me, I actually thought about this. Hm. Yes, it is true that I don't have much money... And I can't afford to buy more coffee... Even though I was thinking about it because I know caffeine is an appetite suppressant...

And so I came to my conclusion: Even if this coffee is terrible, like I remember it being, it still has caffeine. If I can stretch my food budget until Wednesday evening, when I take my stuff back to my parents' house, I can deal with a little dragon-fire heartburn.

Oh Lord, forgive me, your stupid little penitent follower, for trying to thwart my hunger.

This coffee is WORSE than I remember. (Again, it was bad to start with; I'm sure that seven months of sitting in my pantry has contributed to its slide in quality.) It smells like no coffee should ever be allowed to smell, and it went down about as smoothly as a cinder block.


In other news, it's time for lunch.

Harry Potter Fandom Stuff Meme Thingie

Characters I love: Severus Snape, absolutely. Also Hermione, Luna, McGonagall, Lupin, Molly, and Dumbledore... Although Dumbledore is more on the "love and hate simultaneously" end. I also get a huge kick out of Filch, if for no other reason than he's just so wickedly over-the-top.

Characters I love to hate: I'd say the character I come close to having genuine hatred for is Umbridge, and there's actually a reason beyond Order of the Phoenix. However, that is a very long story, and while I am glad to tell it, not in the middle of a meme.

Favourite character to write: Severus. I've been writing Snape-centric fics for about five years, and I've never had any problems finding his voice or channeling his personality. I also enjoy writing Lily, because she is kind of a blank slate and it makes it easier to develop her.

Favourite character to draw: I cannae draw. //epic sadface//

Favourite type of fic: Hurt/comfort, humor, angst, smut

Favourite trope: Hm... Probably enemies/rivals turned lovers. And fish-out-of-water scenarios.

Trope I hate: Draco in Leather Pants/Ron the Death Eater. There is not enough "UGH" in the world to adequately convey my feelings on them. And also "rape as character/backstory/plot" and fics that exist to do OOC character-bashing. (Like, the example I gave was, if Severus is bashing James and/or Harry, that's fine, because that's in-character. But Hermione wouldn't, nor would Luna or Ron or really anybody else.)

The Sorting Hat would shout: I seem to be really evenly split between Slytherin and Gryffindor, any time I take a quiz. Pottermore put me in Slytherin when I had my beta account, and then Ravenclaw when I forgot the password and started another one post-beta. Ravytherdor?

My favourite Hogwarts classes would be: Charms, Potions, DADA.

Character I am most like: I've said for a while that if you took Severus's stubbornness and sarcasm, Hermione's skepticism, Luna's general demeanor, and a dash of Sirius's recklessness, and put them in a blender, you'd probably get me. And I'd look like Snape (I have black hair, a big nose, and a fondness for all-black clothing.)

Currently writing: A ficlet for Snapefest, and trying to add chapters for the middle of my three-part, semi-canon-compliant Snape and non-shippy OFC story.

When I write I listen to: It depends. Songza, the stuff on my iTunes, Pandora, a movie in the background, or my cat purring next to my head.

Where my work can be found: FF.Net and AO3.

Favourite fics of others: "The Moment It Began" by Sindie, "Lioness Loricatus" by Dena Grey, "A Difference in the Family: The Snape Chronicles" by Rannaro, "A Gift Freely Given" by Lady Altair, and "visceral" by expiry 4.23.

Favourite fic of my own: Oh boy. Um... Of all of them, I'm happiest with In Her Image, which is the first of my three-part story about Severus and his relationship with his (OFC) niece, Chase. It was a lot of fun to write, especially when Chase went through puberty (because I've always had this image of Severus, whenever one of his Slytherin girls needed a tampon, cowering under the desk and levitating the box toward them), and even though there are parts I'd re-do or would like to expand (I always have a nagging feeling that I could really go much deeper into their relationship and expand on both of them as characters), I can't really criticize myself too harshly for it. "Storm and Strife," part 2, is coming along well, albeit slowly, but I'm okay with that, because there's a character backstory I absolutely need to incorporate and it's not incorporating well, and I'd rather take my time and have it work than rush it and have it be painfully obvious I just slap-dashed it together out of frustration.

I'm also still really happy with The Only Thing That's Real. (Warning: Severus is a cutter in this fic.) It didn't take me long to do, but apart from one or two minor word choice issues, I can't think of anything I'd do differently.

Favourite art of others: Akatnamedeaster, Makani, and Pojypojy. And because it always makes me laugh, this little panel.

About Me

Mini-Bio: I'm a just-turned 27-year-old with a white Bic lighter in my glove compartment. However, as I am right-handed, can't play any instruments, and have never tried any drugs harder than marijuana, I think I'm safe.

My favorite flavor of Chapstick is spearmint.

I like cats. And bunnies. And puppies. And horseys. Anything cute and fluffy, basically.

I'm still in college, due to being poor af and not having started until I was 23. Unfortunately, I've also been unemployed since August 5th (and the job I was supposed to start last Tuesday has now been pushed back to December 1st //frantically pummels all-wood desk with both fists//), so with that, and the very unexpected and sudden passing of my grandfather on August 30th, the last few months have been the longest and suckiest of my life so far. On the plus side, I found out that I can live by 80-cent boxes of scalloped potatoes from Aldi alone.

For those of you who don't know Aldi, it's awesome. And it's owned by the same entity that owns Trader Joe's, so the stores are pretty similar. Both stock mainly private-label brands, both have standardized prices at all of their stores, and both generally offer better prices than any of their competitors. The one thing I will miss about the Midwest (where I have lived my entire life -first in Youngstown, Ohio, until I was 16; and Indianapolis, where I've lived since 16- and can't wait to leave) is Aldi... Unless they have some stores in New England? (My best friend lives just outside Boston, and he told me he's never seen any Aldis there.)

Until April, I drove a 1995 Subaru Impreza. Then its engine blew up and it died next to a graveyard at one o'clock in the morning (which, as my best friend put it, was "goth as fuck" ... And truly, after I got over the shock of "ohmuhgawd, my CAR just frigfraggeding DIIIIIED"-ness of it all, it became a lot funnier/awesomer) and I had to buy another car, because I live in Indianapolis, where not having a car is a death sentence, both financially and physically. (Seriously, public transit out here sucks at its absolute best; when I was in high school, before I had my own car, I tried to get to a doctor's appointment by catching a bus, and because the buses out here run on a "whenever we goddamn fucking feel like it, peasant" schedule, I was two and a half hours late for my physical.) I then had to clean out my savings to buy a 2008 Chevy Cobalt, which I actually like a lot more than I liked my Subaru, apart from it being a front-wheel drive instead of an all-wheel. I'm still not entirely used to the front-wheel drive, which is extremely, painfully obvious when I'm driving on wet roads and get a little "OI! Not so fast, yeh moron" stuttering from my wheels. (I'm actually a pretty good driver; I've been in accidents -including one where a Rich Housewife of Brattleboro cussed me out after rear-ending me, but she shouldn't have been going down the icy mountain road at fifty miles an hour, SHOULD SHE HAVE?! Beeyotch), but I've never *caused* one. Still, you'll never hear me badmouth my Subie. It was a good little car while it ran, and it was built like a friggin tank, which definitely saved my life a few times (see: Icy Mountain Speed Demon).

All that said, I'm a fairly optimistic and happy person. Unless you give me a solid reason to not like you (like, you're a judgmental asshole and have ridiculously high standards that you demand everyone else live up to, while also demanding that no one ask the same of you), I'll probably like you. Or, at the very least, I won't make consider you for my annual blood sacrifice to Cthulu.

Addendum to my last post...

Can I use the "I'm a writer" defense in court? Or doesn't it work when you write fanfiction?

I've been on a writing semi-tear lately. On the one hand, this is great: I'm getting one of the stories I've been working on for about three years closer to finished, and I figured out how to make the ending, which had been just slightly off ever since I finished writing it two years ago, actually work and make sense.

On the other hand, I'm on a "Snape destroys himself in every way imaginable" kick, too. First it was cutting. Now it's a one-shot where he uses heroin. A lot of heroin.¹

But, as I have never chased the dragon myself, or even been around people who have (my ex has used almost every drug under the sun², and even he wouldn't touch heroin with a ten-foot pole), I need to edumacate mahself. Which, of course, means looking up government-sponsored sites that have been trying to assure me for 27 years that if I so much as glance at a dirty needle, I will abandon my cat, my job, and even my hygiene to score, all the while singing "Herrrrr-oh-iii-iin... It's my wife, and it's my life." That is probably not enough to get me on any watchlists.

Doing a Google Image Search on what a person looks like while shooting up? So that I can get an idea of how to tie a tourniquet or how straight the arm should be? That's probably a little closer to the "what the actual fuck" line.

My morbid curiosity and need for accurate detail will be the death and/or arrest of me, I swear it.

And in any case, I like the song "Heroin" well enough, but my favorite heroin song is "There She Goes" by The La's. (You know, the one that became a huge hit when Sixpence None The Richer covered it and thought it was about... What *did* they think it was about, anyway? Well, I still like Sixpence None The Richer. Kind of.)

¹To be fair, my headcanon for Snape includes him being a pretty hardcore drug user in his late teens, with no substance untested. Including smack.

²Mark has also never willingly done cocaine (he smoked a joint that was laced with some once, which is, according to him, a thoroughly unpleasant experience), which is one major difference in attitudes toward drugs between us. The drugs I always wanted to try were marijuana (tried, and found rather //meh//), shrooms, LSD, anything psychedelic basically, and cocaine.
There comes a moment when I, being the virginal (//snort//) little writer I am, need to know what heroin looks like. You know, for a story. So I google it. And then I wonder...

Can I use the "I'm a writer" defense to the DEA?

(Yeah, I should mention: The only illegal drug I've ever used is marijuana, once, which seriously doesn't count. Especially in my case, I didn't even get the munchies. I am boring.)

waywardmixes Round 30: Magic - Halloween

For this round, I wanted to celebrate my favorite holiday, Halloween, and the magic associated with it. As well as a bit of terror, because Halloween can't not be scary.

Playlist below the cut.Collapse )


First 15 songs on shuffle:

1. Anarchy - KMFDM
2. Sex Type Thing - Stone Temple Pilots
3. Cup Of Coffee - Garbage
4. Monster - Lady Gaga
5. Shut Up and Dance - Walk The Moon
6. Things You See in a Graveyard - Repo! The Genetic Opera soundtrack
7. Vasoline - STP
8. The Witch's Garden - Abandoned Toys
9. Seether - Veruca Salt
10. Night on Bald Mountain - Modest Mussorgsky
11. Longview - Green Day
12. Crushcrushcrush - Paramore
13. Look to the Skies - Creature Feature
14. Only - Nine Inch Nails
15. Nothing But Trouble - Phantogram

Why do you like the first song? Because it's awesome.
Who does the second song remind you of? It's supposed to?
Name your favourite lyric from the third song: "I smoke your brand of cigarettes and pray that you might give me a call/I lie around in bed all day, just starin' at the walls/Hanging 'round bars at night, wishin' I had never been born/And give myself to anyone who wants to take me home."
Do you have any special memories attached to the fourth song? No, I just like it.
Do you relate personally to the fifth song? Not really.
Does/would your grandmother listen to the sixth song? HELL to the no. As far as my grandmother knows, I like Disney songs. (I'm okay with that; she's never quite realized that I'm an adult, never mind pushing 30.)
What did you think when you first heard the seventh song? I don't remember. I was probably six or seven when I first heard it.
What colour does the eighth song remind you of? Um... Good question. Maybe purple.
What is the ninth song about? That, mon ami, is one of the great mysteries of grunge. What is the Seether? Louise Parker's vagina? Female temper being repressed too long? A South African alternative band?
Does the tenth song get stuck in your head easily? It does, especially this time of year.
Would you play the eleventh song for a toddler and not feel guilty? *dies laughing*
Is the singer of the twelfth song hot? I think Hayley Williams is cute enough, but I still think she ripped off Shirley Manson's look.
What part of your life does the thirteenth song best describe? Halloween?
Does the fourteenth song have a cool music video? I like it. I don't know if it's "cool," though.
How old is the fifteenth song? Not very. It's from 2014, I think.
Which of these is your favourite? 10.
Your least favourite? I don't have "least favorite" songs.
Have any of these made you cry? 3, when I was going through a bad breakup.

Round 29: Star Wars (1977-1983): Han/Leia

Fandom: Star Wars
Subject: Han/Leia
Title: "A Princess and A Guy Like Me"
Warnings/Notes: Nothing much that I can think of, really.

Mixy goodness here!Collapse )



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